Contact Information

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Commander Capt Bob Fay
Deputy Commander 1st Lt Greg Stenberg
Operations Officer Capt USN (Ret) Dave Lobdell
Administrative Officer Maj Leonard Russell
Safety Officer 1st Lt Lt Ian Sealy
Communications Officer Maj Pat Garboden
Maintenance Officer Maj Pat Garboden
Logistics Officer 1st Lt Matt Luce
Personnel Officer Capt John Hinch
Emergency Services Officer Capt Steven Roberts
Disaster Preparedness Officer Maj Leonard Russell
Finance Officer 2d Lt Michael Luce
Standardization/Evaluation Officer Maj Ken Wiggins
Public Affairs Officer 2d Lt Peter Rene
Professional Development Officer 2d Lt Gary Limb
Recruiting & Retention Officer Capt Steven Roberts
Aerospace Education Officer Maj Leonard Russell
Supply Officer 1st Lt Matt Luce
IT Officer/Web Admin 1st Lt Greg Stenberg
Flight Instructors Maj Ken Wiggins
  Maj Chuck Lexa
  Maj Russell Peck
Check Pilots Maj Ken Wiggins
  Maj Chuck Lexa
  Maj Russell Peck